Letters to the Editor

Consider this: All politics is local. We need to keep Kathy Nelson, a resident of Eden Prairie for over 20 years, on the City Council.

Kathy has the knowledge, track record, experience and drive to know the concerns and issues of the residents and businesses of Eden Prairie. She works to keep the city aware of the need for efficient, cost-effective services while always planning ahead in order to preserve and continue the quality of life we enjoy in Eden Prairie.

One example: Kathy has studied all sides of every light rail option for Eden Prairie, as a member of the SW Light Rail Transit Steering Committee and the SWLRT Corridor Management Committee. As the population of the city (and all of Minnesota) changes and grows older, Kathy recognizes that the needs of citizens will change in the coming decades. With an awareness of the goals and work that have made Eden Prairie an award-winning city, she is an advocate for residents, planning for and supporting the needs of the Senior Center and the Community Center as well as the School District.

Did you know Kathy Nelson takes all calls and listens with an open mind to both sides of the issues? That is one way a City Council Member can make decisions that effectively represent all the people and businesses of the city. Re-elect Kathy Nelson to City Council.

Marlene Fischer
Eden Prairie

As a 22-year resident of Eden Prairie, I have followed Eden Prairie City Council activities over the years to see how the city provides services to a diverse population. I have been very impressed by Kathy Nelson’s strategic and thoughtful approach. She balances the value of the services provided and their impact on Eden Prairie residents in order to ensure that Eden Prairie continues to be a well run, beautiful city.

Kathy Nelson’s strategic approach in investing in safe and accessible playgrounds, parks and trails for example has made the city an attractive home for many Asian American and other professionals and small business owners. Kathy has listened to interests of our community and worked to find effective solutions to issues.

I would like Kathy Nelson to continue her good work in the Eden Prairie City Council and encourage everyone to vote for Kathy Nelson.

Shanti Shah
Eden Prairie

Kathy Nelson has served our Eden Prairie community well as an at-large City Council representative. Kathy has worked with city staff to find ways to accomplish services which improves delivery or lowers cost or both. Kathy promoted the city using LED street lights, which cost one third as much to operate and provide excellent light, and the city employees who use energy efficient cars in their function which cost less and save money.

Council Member Nelson kept the promise to Eden Prairie residents to keep their roads in good condition, ensuring they can benefit from timely snow plowing and rely on worry-free sewer and water usage. And so, important to Eden Prairie taxpayers, has kept taxes low while maintaining excellent city services. Vote for Kathy Nelson and return her to continue serving our city residents.

Pat Lind
Eden Prairie

As an Eden Prairie (EP) graduate, I saw a time when EP “veered down the wrong path.” Thankfully, Kathy got elected to the City Council and restored our city services. She wants to continue our sensible tax structure and has the financial background and skills in planning to do the job. As a recent grad, I would love to be able to afford to live where I grew up in the future. Kathy is working to make this happen. She supports a housing mix that benefits all generations and mass transit that allows business to develop in EP, while helping residents seek good jobs further away.

While on the council, Kathy has supported many of the things that I was a beneficiary of growing up, like well-maintained parks, trails, playgrounds and strong schools. I aspire to have a family of my own and am certain Kathy will ensure that my family is able to enjoy these same things.

What my generation doesn’t need is another candidate serving big business and the 1 percent, taxing us disproportionately, yet telling us that we need “austerity." A flyer that I received from Andrew Moller, who is running against Ms. Nelson, proclaims that he is a “financial expert,” but no financial expert would support the concept of cutting your way to prosperity. It simply doesn’t work economically. Kathy is a proponent of business innovation and true job creation through prudent spending in our community. I will be voting for Kathy Nelson, as she won’t pull up the ladder, support proposals that cut living wage opportunity for young people, or lower the standard of living or services for EP residents. Kathy is the moderate we can trust.

Morgan Borine
Eden Prairie